Samsung Contact is a group project done for the SAMSUNG itself, the brand asked to create a digital experience for their customers.

After a research about the brand and its products, we decided to create an Arcade App Game to engage customers and make them discover the Samsung world. It will entertain the users while teaching them about the technology/special features of Samsung products and create a connection with them, that’s why we named our app “Samsung Contact”. The user will be able to use the app everywhere simulating the usage of the products.

We divide the products in 4 families: cleaning + kitchen + living + mobile devices.

For each family we’ve selected few products that stand out from Samsung’s competitors for their features.

For each product the user could play an intuitive time based mini-games.

For each product there are: 3 levels of difficulty rated from 0 (task failed) to 3 stars each (according to how fast/well the user will complete the task).

When the user complete all the mini-games of a family with the best score in each level, will be rewarded with a digital prize: a digital magazine, a movie in Netflix, a free delivery in Mamaclean or a free delivery in Just Eat.

If the user is lucky, have the chance to win a physical gift: Samsung products, tickets for Samsung events and more.

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